Rather than ‘portion’, I thought ‘potion,’ so that’s what inspired this post. Honestly, I am a girl that believes in a world more magically acclaimed than our reality. Don’t get me wrong, I am a total believer in science but at the same time, I still believe in the existence of the mystical. I mean yeah the more we delve into science the more things begin to seem technical but even if we manage to explain everything we can never truly know if everything we know is true. Like I don’t even know if the sentence technically makes sense but I am confident my point is made. As for potions, in this reality, I believe we call it chemistry, who can go against the fact that the things we do with it and create can’t be magic. We use it to enchant kids so why can’t we still be enchanted by it as adults. I guess my point is that just because we think we know more doesn’t mean we have to believe less, whether in the unexplained or the unrealistic.

via Daily Prompt: Portion


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