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Winx Club – One day a seemingly ordinary Earth girl, named Bloom, life change’s when she has a destined encounter that would seem impossible. While in the park she witness’s an attack by an ogre of a magical fairy. But that wasn’t the most spectacular part, Bloom saved the fairy, named Stella who she later befriends, by using her own source of magic; from there Bloom learns that she is, in fact, a fairy herself. Bloom decides to joins Stella and enrolls into the Alfea School for Fairies, on the world of Magix. She quickly adds to her fairy friends with her roommates, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and in the future Layla; together they are the Winx Club. From there the girls’ experience a new kind of life, from high school on to saving the universe from the forces of darkness like rouge witches from Cloud Tower or the dark wizard Valor and much more.

I think this may have been my entire reason for waking up before 8 every Saturday morning as a kid.

Honestly, this is probably the least understandable recommendation that I have so far made, and probably will be so forever.But I can’t resist telling the world why I think Winx Club is worth giving a chance, at least the first three seasons.


Woman Crush Wednesday

Related imageBuffy Summers – In every generation there is a Chosen One and in the late 20th century that Chosen One was Buffy Anne Summers. At the age of fifteen, Buffy was called as the next Slayer, turning her ordinary life in Los Angeles upside down. After a destructive incident at her high school involving vampires though she was expelled and along with her mother moved to Sunnydale, a beacon for the supernatural being that it was above a Hellmouth, from there she becomes a guardian for the town. When it comes to her duty she can be considered a bit of a rebel, not conforming to what being a Slayer traditionally meant. Between her attachment to a normal life and having close friends who not only know her identity but help her in her battle against evil, which goes directly against the insistence that the Slayer must work alone. Buffy can be rebellious, overly casual and her emotions can get the best of her she is still a great Slayer. And even though she originally desired a normal life rather than that of a mystical hero eventually Buffy grows to embrace her destiny as the Slayer.

Character wise I think Buffy may just be the most amazing of all. She got swung out of a mundane life and was just expected to accept her duty but she couldn’t stop herself from wanting to just be normal again. Even still, she couldn’t ignore her duty, her destiny. She fought against the evils that try to endlessly plague the world all the while trying to keep her humanity in check. Not only that but she also recognizes the gray in life; who you are and what you do is never simple, no matter how much you wish it to be, you can’t simply close your mind and just judge by primary knowledge.

There are a lot of things to love about Buffy; she’s strong, caring, a total badass but at the same time she is very human, flawed and emotional, all of it. She’s not a girl who just does her duty and forgets what is done, she holds on to everything, the pain and love and memories, and she uses it. More than anything I think Buffy is an example of evolving and learning and becoming who you are meant to be by being who you want to be.

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World Wildlife Fund

Image result for wwf posters global warmingThe World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) was founded in 1961 for the preservation of our world’s wildlife.

Honestly while looking through the information, I could feel the heartache that is the future of our planet.


Quote of the Day

Dreams save us, dreams lift us up and transform us, and on my soul, I swear until my dream of a world where dignity, honor, and justice become the reality we all share I’ll never stop fighting. Ever.

~ Superman, Action Comics #775