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Winx Club – One day a seemingly ordinary Earth girl, named Bloom, life change’s when she has a destined encounter that would seem impossible. While in the park she witness’s an attack by an ogre of a magical fairy. But that wasn’t the most spectacular part, Bloom saved the fairy, named Stella who she later befriends, by using her own source of magic; from there Bloom learns that she is, in fact, a fairy herself. Bloom decides to joins Stella and enrolls into the Alfea School for Fairies, on the world of Magix. She quickly adds to her fairy friends with her roommates, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and in the future Layla; together they are the Winx Club. From there the girls’ experience a new kind of life, from high school on to saving the universe from the forces of darkness like rouge witches from Cloud Tower or the dark wizard Valor and much more.

I think this may have been my entire reason for waking up before 8 every Saturday morning as a kid. There is nothing really revolutionary or profoundly deep about this cartoon but for me, I guess it might be the nostalgia that makes it worth it.

Honestly, this is probably the least understandable recommendation that I have so far made, and probably will be so forever. Even so, I can’t resist telling the world why I think Winx Club is worth giving a chance, at least the first three seasons. It was just a fun show about well a world of fairies and magic, every kid’s dream or at least it was one of mine. But more than that it was stories about girls standing up against evil, even when the odds were against them and about self-discovery; the perfect combination for a good kid show. If you’re willing to watch a cheesy cartoon with some good plots I would have to say that this is worth a try.