Guess who got her wisdom teeth out last week, this girl. My jaw is still in so much pain and I haven’t had any solid food in over a week but the thing that is bothering me the most is the fact that I haven’t been  able to properly brush my teeth ever since. Seriously my mouth feels constantly off. Beyond my general craving for popcorn and carrots, just not together, the thing I desire most is just a solid brushing of my teeth. Right now I’m still being all gentle and trying to not open my mouth to much followed by gently rinsing. If you ask me that’s not a real brushing of the teeth. Honestly all I have been imagining for like the last week now is just getting my usual medium bristle toothbrush and having an intense cleaning of my teeth; I can just feel the minty cleanliness that would follow. Alas though I’m going to have to keep dreaming a little longer because according to my dentist I have to be gentle for another couple weeks, especially considering the swelling going on with my gums. The removal of wisdom teeth, quick easy surgery followed by absolute patient to return to normal; really such a fun experience, not. 

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