Solar Eclipse 

Today was a total solar eclipse and I watched start to finish, kind of. My conclusion of the event, it was breathtaking and totally amazing. For me, this was actually my very first eclipse and I have to say it was something worth marking.

One uncommon thing that I think added to the amazingness, making it so much more of an event; not just watching the sun being hidden behind the moon but getting to seeing the surrounding differences. I’m not sure if that completely makes sense, maybe it’s just part of my science interest. As in how the environment changes in accordance to everything, the link that exists.


I felt so broken at that time but considering how I feel in exchange now I’m not as scared to look back. I don’t want to forget about how low felt because I don’t want to fall that far again. I don’t want to corner myself again and be battling alone with just questions. I know how important it is to talk to other people and how important it is to be able to honestly express my emotions, not only to others but to myself.

I really have changed, haven’t I? I use to be an optimist and happy but now I just feel like I’m going up a hill and I just want to get over it. But a problem is that I really don’t know if it’s a mountain or a cliff, I wonder now if there is even a happy part on the other side to look forward to.