Quote of the Day

The only thing the past can change is how you feel about things in the present.

~ Lockon Stratos, Mobile Suit Gundam 00


Mobile Suit Gundam 00

While writing my recommendation for this series I started getting off topic frequently while talking about the subjects of the show. It didn’t really work in that context but I still really wanted to talk about so here it goes, my opinions and all.

Image result for gundam 00 setsuna innovatorAs I mentioned the characters of this anime are are phenomenal, I mean first of all the members of Celestial Being seemed so objective focused but then as the story moves forward you start to learn how much depth there is to them and how much pain they suffered and how being part of Celestial Being means different things to the different members. Plus the thing that they are fighting for is so much more than just equality, they are fighting against conflict. Beyond that, it starts to sort of explain not only what ‘no conflict’ means but also why it is so important. For me, I think it kind of added to my interest and understanding of conflict and peace in a way that resonated with me.

Image result for gundam 00 peace