Quote of the Day

It is when we are most lost that we sometimes find our truest friends.

~ Snow White



Image result for Snow White with the Red Hair posterSnow White with the Red Hair – Shirayuki is a kind girl with brilliant red hair; she lives in a small town in where she runs her herbal shop. That is she did until catching the eye of the ridiculous Prince of Tanbarun, Raji, who decides to make her his concubine. But Shirayuki isn’t one to easily give up her freedom, thus she decides to escape to the forest but not without leaving Raji the parting gift of her long red hair. After crossing the border she meets Zen Wistaria, the second prince of Clarines, and after various circumstances, Zen, along with two aides, rescue Shirayuki from Raji. Seeing Zen as a fateful encounter Shirayuki joins him and aides back to the Clarines where she begins a new journey in her life with new dreams, forging loyal friendships, encountering different enemies and best of all discovering new and true love.

The hook for me to start watching was Snow White in the title; I’m a total sucker for fairy tales and I usually enjoy the new takes on classics. The reason I kept watching and why I kept wanting more was because of the stories. Not only the love story between Zen and Shiryuki but the friendship and bonds, and achievement that drove them. Beyond great story lines, not to mention it is a visually beautiful anime, the characters all have their own ways of being portrayed as strong, loyal and special.

It may not be the Snow White story we grow up with but if you ask me it’s a wonderful love story all the same. There’s comedy and drama, romance and adventure, really if you are a fan of the action, fairy tale, love story type of plots than I have to say I would highly recommend this anime.