DCOM Honorable Mention

Image result for johnny tsunamiJohnny Tsunami – A carefree, 13-year-old, Hawaiian surfer, Johnny Kapahala, life is turned upside down when his father gets relocated to Vermont, a state lacking any oceans or waves. There, he starts at an elite private school but struggles to fit in; being a born surfer now in a community of skiers. That all changes though when he meets Sam, a kid from the local public school, who introduces him to the life of snowboarding. From there a rivalry begins between Johnny and his snooty, skiing classmate, Brett, that can only be settled one way, on the slopes.

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Image result for princess protection programPrincess Protection Program

Image result for Lemonade MouthLemonade Mouth

Image result for sharpay's fabulous adventureSharpay’s Fabulous Adventure

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Image result for Teen Beach MovieTeen Beach Movie

Image result for Invisible SisterInvisible Sister

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