24 Days of DCOM

Image result for high school musical 1. High School Musical – Troy Bolton, a small town high school basketball star, meets Gabriella Montez, a beautiful brainiac, at a New Year’s Eve karaoke party and sparks fly when they are dragged on stage for a glorious duet. As fate would have it they meet again after the holidays at East High School, with Gabriella being a new transfer student. Drama soon follows these two when they accidentally audition for their high school’s winter musical.


Meanwhile, the jealous Sharpay Evans conspires to squelch their chances. The two must struggle to make it to auditions while also meeting their existing obligations to the basketball team and the academic decathlon

The social cliques they belong to don’t approve of this new friendship and try to separate them. At the same time, drama queen Sharpay Evans and her brother Ryan, the co-captains of the Drama department, try in every way to prevent Troy and Gabriella from winning over them in the callbacks… Can Troy and Gabriella lead their friends to a more open-mind thinking and acceptance of one another? Or will their friends win?

I remember when this premiered like 10 years ago, my cousin and I were so hyped about it. Even afterward, High School Musical has always felt like a big deal it’s an iconic milestone for my childhood and still a go-to classic today.

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DCOM Honorable Mention

Image result for johnny tsunamiJohnny Tsunami – A carefree, 13-year-old, Hawaiian surfer, Johnny Kapahala, life is turned upside down when his father gets relocated to Vermont, a state lacking any oceans or waves. There, he starts at an elite private school but struggles to fit in; being a born surfer now in a community of skiers. That all changes though when he meets Sam, a kid from the local public school, who introduces him to the life of snowboarding. From there a rivalry begins between Johnny and his snooty, skiing classmate, Brett, that can only be settled one way, on the slopes.

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Image result for sharpay's fabulous adventureSharpay’s Fabulous Adventure

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24 Days of DCOM

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A four-member teen girl group named the Cheetah Girls go to a Manhattan high school for the performing arts and try to become the first freshmen to win the talent show in the school’s history. During the talent show auditions, they meet a big-time producer named Jackal Johnson, who tries to make the group into superstars, but the girls run into many problems. Galleria becomes a full-time snob and forgets her friends, Dorinda has to choose between her friends or the dance club and other things that could break the Cheetah Girls apart permanently.

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24 Days of DCOM

Related image3. Descendants

In present-day Auradon, Ben, the teenage son of King Adam and Queen Belle, is poised to take the throne. He offers a chance for redemption to the trouble-making teen descendants of defeated villains exiled to the remote Isle of the Lost. The villains’ descendants have been granted permission to attend prep school in the kingdom with the Disney heroes’ kids.

Ben, the teenaged son of King Beast and Queen Belle, invites the exiled children of defeated villains to attend a prep school with the heroes’ children.

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