Happy Diwali!

The festival of light and if you ask me it’s the best festival of the year. It’s about friends and family as well as history and light. It’s always just this beautiful and festive celebration that I’m proud to be part of. 


Happy Thanksgiving!

This may be an uncommon opinion but Thanksgiving may just be my all-time favorite holiday. I don’t know what critics others use when judging the best holiday but for me, it’s the coming together. It’s about getting to spend time with my closest family and friends, and even the time I thought it completely sucked it still was able to be an amazing because I got to spend a day enjoying the company of the people I love. I know some people might think the same about Christmas but I think Christmas has to much hype with it. It’s just expected to be the most festive holiday I think that might be the very reason it doesn’t feel like it. 

Plus Thanksgiving dinner is without fail always the best. It had the best food and the greatest dessert, pie. My mom particularity makes the absolute best apple buy, which is always accompanied by an wonderful bakery pumkin pie brought by my aunt. Really it’s just a day with the most grand yet initiate dinner celebration of the year. That’s why I love it. It’s predictably fun and warming. In my 22 years Thanksgiving has not failed me in being great. 

Solar Eclipse 

Today was a total solar eclipse and I watched start to finish, kind of. My conclusion of the event, it was breathtaking and totally amazing. For me, this was actually my very first eclipse and I have to say it was something worth marking.

One uncommon thing that I think added to the amazingness, making it so much more of an event; not just watching the sun being hidden behind the moon but getting to seeing the surrounding differences. I’m not sure if that completely makes sense, maybe it’s just part of my science interest. As in how the environment changes in accordance to everything, the link that exists.


Happy Rakhi!

For those of you who don’t know Rakhi is the celebration of the bond between brothers and sisters.

The thing I love most about this holiday is the very thing that is being celebrated. As I’ve mentioned many times I have a strong hold for family and Rakhi is celebrating the very reason why. That bond shared between sibling and family, a bond that is about more than just blood, it’s one of the most valuable things in the world. 

Canada 150

Happy Canada Day!

I am super stoked for this Canada Day, like cheer the national anthem at the top of my lungs excited. I mean I actually really like Canada Day every year, I’m proud to be Canadian plus it’s always just a day filled with fun and celebration. But this year is a big one, and it’s my first big milestone type of Canada Day celebration; it has been hyped since like the beginning of the year and now it’s finally time and I couldn’t be happier. Seriously, I’m like smiling right now while writing this. It’s Canada’s 150th Anniversary and it is big deal, I mean on a global scale we are a very young nation and even if our population is really small, our hearts are still strong.

We may be known for apologizing, maple syrup, ‘eh,’ polar bears, forests, peace, hockey and our ‘adorable’ terms, like toque and toonie, not to mention the loonie, but there is still so much more to us. Besides Canada being one of the safest countries in the world and having free health care there is a lot to be proud of. We are one of the most educated countries in the world, patriotism, great tap water, Santa Claus is actually a Canadian citizen, the invention of chocolate milk and basketball, the list really can go on. What I love is the evolution, I mean our history isn’t perfect, even dark at times, but change was demanded and made. Now Canada is one of the most multicultural and accepting, whether it be gender, sexuality, religion, and so on, countries in the world. Like I mentioned we are flawed but evolving and I feel like as time passes there is only more to love about being a Canadian.

In honor of the occasion, I even spent hours hunting down for the perfect Canada Day shirt and a one time only Canada 150 memento. Turns out the excitement turned into a near Canada Day slash tourist in her homeland shopping spree. If I’m being honest though I have no regrets, how can one deny some national pride.

Summer Solstice​

Happy Longest Day of the Year!

Want to know why I love this day so much because it is also the first official day of summer. Spring may be my favorite season but I have to admit that I always have a soft spot when it comes to my love of summer. It just feels like summer is this point where you can take pause, possibly because growing up it was summer vacation, but now I’ve just linked it to something nice, calming. I always want just want adventure in the summer, I make bucket list starting with all the tourist type stuff I can do and get all the way to my summer wish trip. This year it was Germany and I was so close until my mom pulled the plug at the last minute, again. That aside, adventure, books, writing, beaches, all the recipe for a perfect summer that offically started today, I haven’t done anything yet though. But as an added bonus for this glorious day, it is the first sunny day with clear, blue skies.