Clean or Healthy

I have one major hair dilemma and I’m not sure if it’s common or just me, I’m presuming just me. I love having clean hair the problem is that if I wash my hair every day then it starts to become really dry which results in my hair being oilier. Turns out that when you overdo something that affects the body naturally like that the body starts doing the opposite; I didn’t word all that too well but the point was made.

Seriously, what first world problems I have.

Mind, Body & Soul

A little bit of philosophy. See I am a scientist but I also am religious and believe in a lot of spiritual and even mystical aspects. In particular, I have my personal ideas of what the mind, body, and soul. Your mind and body are figments of your life but your soul is who you are, it transcends with you. Okay, so this is that part that might seem a bit iffy at times but hear me out. When it comes to the afterlife I’m not totally sure what I believe in, I have this mixed belief of reincarnation and finding peace, but one thing I know for sure is that I believe it all involves your soul.

Your views of the world, or your mind, it’s all impacted by who you are. I’m not saying who you are individually I mean who you are because of the world you are put in. What we understand as right and wrong or what we consider suffering and luxury or about a thousand other things, it is all a matter of your upbringing. The place you are, even the time it all matter, it all changes your perspective and understanding. If you got two people who were brought up completely differently, who witnessed different versions of the world and were asked some of the most basic questions it is highly unlikely that they would have even similar answers. Does that make one good and one bad; no it just means that they see and know things differently meaning they understand the ‘black and white’ differently.

Your body, I feel like is a bit easier to understand in that sense. What you look like, what is considered beautiful it’s different for every time, even in every place. I mean people are able to see that easily every day; people look different and have different types of goals when it comes to maintaining your body. Some consider what is best is being the most beautiful or while others want to be the stronger, some might consider being at your healthiest is best while others want to be as thin or thick as possible. It is all relative to the world you face around you and what you perceive as best.

Now your soul, that is who you are. In every life and every plane of existence, your soul is you. Your temptations to sin, you delving to good or evil it is your nature and instincts. Your indulgence to greedy or your drive to selflessness it is all written into your soul. And no matter what time you are thrown to or what existence you take, your soul will drive you towards those desires however they fit. It is your reasoning, your answer to why you do what you do. Acts and appearances are one thing but your nature and reasoning are the answers of who you truly are.

Whether you are driven to do what is good or bad, it is because of what you believe in understand as being so. It’s how even those with a kind soul can be driven to the acts of evil because their mind and body were manipulated by one of evil. But that’s just what I believe.