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Image result for bracefaceBraceface – Sharon Spitz is a 13-year-old who faces more than your average teenage struggles.

Growing up is never easy, and no one is learning that faster than 13-year-old Sharon Spitz. Sharon faces the challenges of adolescence, eighth grade, and living with a mouth full of metal! Unfortunately, she finds herself dealing with mysterious mishaps caused by her braces. Despite the mayhem that follows in her wake, Sharon always walks away from trouble smiling – with a tin grin, of course!

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Image result for Iggy ArbuckleIggy Arbuckle – Iggy Arbuckle is the park range of the National Park, Kookamunga.


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Nathan and Haley: 1. Naley – Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott of One Tree Hill. The couple fell in love in their junior year when Haley started tutoring Nathan in English. Soon after the teens got married at the age of 16 and despite seeming like the world was against them they made it through every bump and detour stronger. 

Nathan and Haley are soulmates and maybe even one of the most triumphant couple in the fictional world. With their not so average start plus being married in high school, but what makes them amazing is the fact of the strength of their relationship and commitment to one another. They are completely and utterly in love with each other and nothing change that. Their high school sweethearts that not only fell in love and got married but they stayed in love while facing the ups and downs of life, always to come out stronger.

They earned my number one spot as my all time favorite couple; Nathan and Haley make you want to believe in limitless pure love and it’s kind of amazing. She helped him grow into a kind, wonderful man who could truly believe in himself. He brought out her inner rock star and helped her become more confident. They encouraged each other’s dream while helping each other discover new ones. They never held each other back or dismiss thing when it got too hard. They fought for one another as well as for their relationship and their family. They faced struggles and realities of life but what resonates the most is that they stuck together while going through it; they’re more than a fairy tale. Nathan and Haley are the perfect couple because they are in a faithfully strong, wonderful relationship of true love.

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OTP Honorable Mentions

Brulian – Brooke Davis and Julian Baker from One Tree Hill.

Image result for chuck and blairChair – Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.

Image result for clary and jaceClace – Clary Fairchild and Jace Herondale from Shadowhuters series.

Image result for meredith and derekMerder – Meredith Grey and Derek Shepard from Grey’s Anatomy.

Image result for klarolineKlaroline – Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes from The Vampire Diaries.

Related imageRogan – Rory Gilmore & Logan Huntzberger from Gilmore Girls.

Image result for wally and artemisSpitfire – Wally West and Artemis Crooks from Young Justice.

Image result for spencer and tobySpoby – Spencer Hastings and Toby Cavanaugh from Pretty Little Liars.

Image result for stiles and lydiaStiydia – Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf.



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2. Clois – Clark Kent and Lois Lane from the origin story of Superman, Smallville. Their relationship developed slowly through the series, starting off as bickering friends, becoming partners and eventually the romantic duo, in love that they were meant to be. It all started when Lois drove into Smallville, searching for answers about the ‘death’ of her her cousin Chloe, and found Clark lying naked in the middle of Miller’s Field with no memory. From there, their story began.

The chemistry between them was clear from the beginning of their friendship. Despite the bickering and disagreements Lois and Clark have also cared for each other, deeply, and the people around them even made note of this connection. Oliver Queen teased Clark when they first met about him masking his feelings for Lois with sarcasm. Jimmy Olsen, possible their first supporter, even tried to set them up on Valentine’s day because of their clear chemistry; even a mystic remarked to Jimmy how she felt the pairs ‘destinies were more intertwined than anyone realized.’ But best all that, and most importantly, the more they learned about each other, the closer they become, the greater their love grew and they knew they were soulmates.

Lois and Clark are a historic couple and the Smallville portrayal may just be my favorite.  Just what they are with each other and their easy interaction with one another, all from the beginning. They’ve always just been the perfect match for each other; they challenge one another and compliment each other’s perfectly and they are just magical together.

Since the moment Lois found Clark in that field, even when they claimed to not like each other very much, their bond was clear. Clark was able to give Lois a safe haven, with him she is able to open up and show a more vulnerable side, that she didn’t show anyone else. As for Lois, she inspired Clark, she was able to be a person he can always lean on and support him and believed in him and helped him become the man, the hero, he was meant to be. Lois helped the Man of Steel embraced his destiny and soar. They gave each other a safe place to land, a home, but best of they are truly in love and each other’s biggest fans.

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14 Days of OTP

Image result for rapunzel and flynn iphone3. Rapunzel & Eugene – The princess and her charming outlaw from Tangled. They first meet when Eugene, who was going by Flynn Rider and a wanted criminal, climbed into Rapunzel’s tower to hide from the royal guards, who were after him for stealing the lost princess’ crown and was soon knocked unconscious with Rapunzel’s frying pan. Rapunzel ends up using the situation to her advantage, ignoring her fear of the outside world and Flynn’s true intentions, she uses him to achieve her dream and see the ‘lights’ that appear on her birthday. Flynn agrees, feeling optimistic he could easily make her turn back but that’s not how things turned out. During their adventure to the ‘lights’, the two slowly become friends, creating memories and sharing secrets by the bonfire, and eventually falling in love. Things take a turn and Rapunzel returns to the tower only to discover Gothel has been using her to stay young, resulting in her binding. Eugene arrives to save the girl he loves only to be stabbed; Rapunzel tries to save him but with his last breath he cuts her hair, freeing her from Gothel. The two get their happy ending with Rapunzel saving Eugene through the magic in her tears and the two returning to Corna, reuniting the lost princess, Rapunzel to her family. They overcome feelings of mistrust and soon Eugene realizes that there is more to life than financial gain and Rapunzel learns to have hope; both achieved a new outlook on life.

Rapunzel and Eugene easily climbed into my heart and become my all time favorite Disney couple. I can’t decide if it’s because of their story or because of their interaction with each other, all I know for sure is that they are absolutely adorable together. I guess the most magical part thing out them is what they individually managed to do for each other, they brought out the most amazing qualities of each other. Out of all the fairy tale stories I’ve seen and read this one has to be the one that makes me most believe in fate.

Eugene made Rapunzel’s dream come true and helped her discover not only the truth about her past and find her home again, but he helped her find a happy ending. And Rapunzel, she inspired Flynn Rider to become a better man, for him to try and live a respectable life as himself, and helped him realize there was so much more in the world he was looking for then he thought. Both of them gave each other love, a home and something new to dream for.

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Related image4. Auslly – Austin Moon and Ally Dawson from the Disney Channel hit, Austin & Ally. The duo first met at Sonic Boom and after ‘Over Night Sensation,’ ‘Misunderstanding,’ and a ‘Live TV disaster,’ they became music partner.  The relationship quickly grows with trust and after some time their feelings begin to develop into sometime more. Ally was the first to admit her feeling for Austin while helping him get a date with Kira. Austin’s realization quickly follows when he becomes jealous of Ally spending time with an old friend from camp.

They almost kissed at the end of the episode. Austin and Ally shared their first kiss in Chapters & Choices, but Kira ruined the moment saying she’d be Austin’s girlfriend, leaving Ally heartbroken. They became a couple in Partners & Parachutes. They were a couple for a little while but decided to be friends because their relationship was getting in the way of their partnership, so they broke up in Couples & Careers. However, they agreed to get back together when they both thought that they were ready to be a couple again.

They both admitted they still had feelings for each other in Tunes & Trials. They shared their second kiss in Real Life & Reel Life (For a scene of a movie that Trish and Dez wanted to make, but they kept kissing even when they could stop). Ally admitted that she still had feelings for Austin in Fresh Starts & Farewells and at the end of the episode, Austin tried to tell Ally something (possibly that he loved her), but was unable to get the words out and gave her a vague card instead.

In Hunks & Homecoming, Austin got jealous of Ally and Gavin’s partnership and realized he wanted to get back together with her, but he didn’t have a chance to tell his feelings to Ally, because she went out with Gavin, leaving Austin heartbroken. In Last Dances & Last Chances, they both broke up with Gavin and Piper to be together; Austin then asked Ally to be his prom date, and she said yes, they shared their third kiss and finally rekindled. They both finally said “I love you” to each other, and shared their fourth kiss in Relationships & Red Carpets before leaving to go on Ally’s tour together.

In Season 4 they are finally together for a lot of time without breaking up. In Wedding Bells & Wacky Birds, Austin and Ally got fake married for Home Economy, that episode showed their relationship as a married couple and they shared their fifth kiss. They share their sixth kiss in Karaoke & Kalamity and the seventh, even through glass, in Comebacks & Crystal Balls.

In the two-part series finale, Musicals & Moving On and Duets & Destiny, Austin and Ally’s relationship doesn’t go well and they break up for 4 years, which causes them to not speak to each other for that long, but from the help of Trish and Dez, they perform a duet together and rekindle. It is then revealed 6 years later, that Austin and Ally are more in love than ever and are married with two kids – a boy and a girl – after Ally reveals to their kids that Austin proposed to her when they were on tour together, in Paris, and live happily ever after.

Austin and Ally are just adorable together, and their relationship is a dream come true.

They put not only each other first but they prioritze maintaining their friendship and partnership over everything.

They are truly a couple who became best friends, learned to trust and believe in each other like no one else, and eventually fall in love and be together because their lives were better together.


14 Days of OTP

Related image5. Kimon – Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable from the Disney Channel hit Kim Possible. Since their first day of preschool, right after nap time to be more precise, Kim and Ron have been best friends. 

Kim and Ron have a very distinctive relationship of opposites that covers both their personalities and their natural aptitudes.

Kim is a Type A teen: a perfectionist who sets high standards for herself and is concerned about her image. Ron is a Type B teen: he is laid-back, ambivalent and somewhat random. Equally, Ron does well in all of the areas in which Kim does not, such a cooking and being able to resist peer pressure, and vice versa. Kim and Ron complement each other, and their relationship works well.

They shared a passionate kiss at the end of Junior Prom, and they were officially boyfriend-and-girlfriend going into their Senior year. However there were some incidents even before they started dating which hinted they may have had feelings for each other for quite a while but may have been too proud – Kim– or embarrassed – Ron– to have openly admitted their feelings to themselves or each other. They were still together after their graduation from High School.

The relationship between Kim and Ron, like any couple’s, has had its Up and Downs, which the following will detail.

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable - So the Drama: The greatest best friends turned true loves journey there has ever been. I’m pretty sure I’ve shipped Kim and Ron since before I even knew what a ship was.

14 Days of OTP

6. Hiccstrid – Hiccup Haddock III and Astrid Hofferson from the How to Train your Dragon franchise.

Hiccup has loved Astrid from the beginning. However, his awkwardness lands him in a more passive position in most of the development of their relationship. Astrid’s feelings for Hiccup usually manifest themselves as extreme devotion and protectiveness, as she is always the first to aid him in any situation and the last to leave him, which Hiccup reciprocates towards Astrid, she was the last to leave him on his search for new dragons before Dagur broke out of prison and they moved to the edge. It appears to be an unspoken assumption that Astrid will accompany Hiccup on his adventures, more so than the other Vikings, and will usually invite herself along regardless. On the rare occasions that they are separated by mitigating circumstances, she is shown to worry greatly about him and is always overjoyed to be reunited with him. Beyond the romantic elements of their relationship, Astrid and Hiccup are the closest human friends that either of them has.
I love how they trust and compliment each other. Honestly every sense they have together I just can’t help but love.

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14 Days of OTP

Related image7. Chlollie – Chloe Sullivan and Oliver Queen from Smallville. The two first met after Oliver befriends

Chloe first came into contact with Oliver Queen through her intrigue about Green Arrow. She first met Oliver when he became friends with Clark, although Clark had agreed to keep Oliver’s identity secret even from Chloe. Chloe ultimately surmised that Oliver was Green Arrow by herself and admired his heroic work.
Chloe clearly thought that Oliver was good looking [1] when they first met and she was impressed with him after hearing Lois describe him and then meeting him in person. However, her opinion of him lowered when she discovered that he was taking drugs. When Oliver quit the drugs and apologized for his behavior, Chloe was happy for him to date her cousin, Lois Lane and was pleased that he made Lois so happy. Oliver and Chloe shared Thanksgiving dinner with Lois, Clark, Martha Kent and Lionel Luthor at the Kent Farm.
Oliver’s relationships with Lois and Clark helped Chloe to put her trust in him when Clark got into trouble while rescuing Bart Allen from a LuthorCorp facility. Oliver immediately put his trust in Chloe and made her a ‘Watchtower‘ for his team in order to save Clark and Bart. After the mission was a success, Chloe admitted that she truly admired Oliver and his super-powered friends, which was the start of a long friendship between Chloe and Oliver.
Chloe relied on Oliver’s help when she needed a safe place for her mother, Moira Sullivan, to hide from Lex Luthor. Their dislike for Lex is something that Chloe and Oliver had in common and while Oliver was happy to help Chloe, his efforts to arrange a place for her mother to stay in Star City were wasted, as Moira slipped into a catatonic state and was forced to go back into care.
Season Seven
During Oliver’s time away from Smallville, he and Chloe remained in contact and Chloe joined Oliver’s team of heroes independently of Clark on a part-time basis. Their relationship had progressed a lot during this time, as they had built up a strong level of trust between each other. Oliver was protective of Chloe, even though he put her in a dangerous situation when she was intercepting one of Lex Luthor‘s files and was confronted by a mysterious blonde woman, who attacked her with daggers. Chloe relied on Oliver’s help to escape and despite the danger she had been in, she admitted to Clark that she found her involvement with Oliver exciting, although she admitted that her increased relationship with Oliver came about through needing the money. Oliver was defensive about using Chloe in his team when Clark criticized him for putting her in danger, as he clearly valued her help.
Oliver’s resources came in handy again when Chloe needed to help Clark track down Lex. Clark sped to confront Lex but was incapacitated by Edward Teague, who intended to sacrifice him to fulfill the “Traveler” prophesy. She used a Queen Industries jet to get to Clark and save him.
Season Eight
Oliver came to Chloe’s aid again when she was seemingly arrested by the Department of Domestic Security. Oliver had been trying to get her released for some time before he discovered that the DDS had never arrested her. Once he found Clark, they teamed up to find Chloe and surmised that Lex had kidnapped her and they eventually tracked her down to Black Creek, where they rescued her.
 Chloe returned the favor to Oliver when he was poisoned and collapsed at the Ace of Clubs. When he insisted that she and Clark don’t take him to the hospital, Chloe assured Clark that Oliver must have a good reason for this, indicating the level of faith that she had in him. She respected his wishes and instead, took him to the Isis Foundation and brought Davis Bloome to help him. She was clearly very concerned for her friend as she stayed by his side and did everything she could to save him, including using her new power that she had acquired from Brainiac to research the poison. This information ultimately helped save Oliver.
After this, Chloe and Oliver had little contact for a while, as he went down a darker path of self-pity, after he was forced to give up his Green Arrow persona when his identity was compromised. When Clark convinced him to disguise himself as the red-blue blur in order to help protect Clark’s identity, Oliver worked with Chloe to accomplish Clark’s plan, which helped Oliver reconnect with his heroic persona. Chloe was then able to rely on Oliver’s help when Clark and Lois went missing.
Oliver was reluctant to help Chloe and he was concerned by her involvement in Clark’s dangerous life. Chloe insisted that she knew what she was doing and eventually convinced Oliver to help by stealing a generator from Tess Mercer. However, he was forced to rethink this when Chloe’s eyes glazed over and her nose started to bleed, as she controlled the generator. Oliver was clearly concerned for her safety, but she pushed him into the next room. He later went to Clark to tell him about Chloe and was angry to discover that Clark was not doing anything about it. Oliver told Clark that he thought Chloe, as a human, was in over her head dealing with Clark’s Kryptonian heritage.
Oliver prioritized tracking down Lex over Chloe’s wedding to Jimmy Olsen and expected Clark to do the same, but he refused. Nevertheless, he showed deep concern when the wedding was crashed by Doomsday, who kidnapped Chloe. Oliver then tried to track down the creature. When Oliver later discovered that Chloe had come up with her own controversial method of combating Doomsday, he was not impressed.
Chloe and Oliver’s friendship began to dissolve when they began to disagree on each other’s choices of how to be a hero. When Oliver was injured in a bombing at LuthorCorp, he asked Chloe to help him track down the person he thought was responsible, which could lead him to Lex Luthor. Chloe was reluctant, but Oliver convinced her to comply by pointing out that if Clark went after Lex, he wouldn’t finish him off and might even be in danger since Lex now knew Clark’s weakness. Chloe tracked down Winslow Schott but ultimately gave the information to Clark anyway. She was appalled that Oliver had resorted to murder to deal with Lex. She told him she was going to tell Clark what he had done and Oliver shamed her into silence by questioning her role in the murder of Sebastian Kane, although she insisted that was Brainiac’s doing.
Despite these disagreements, Oliver attended Chloe’s birthday party. She confided in him that she was not happy with her life and helped her make the decision to come on board with the Justice League full-time. On the surface, they seemingly put their differences behind them. However, Chloe clearly had not forgiven his murder of Lex, as she used it to convince Dr. Emil Hamilton into helping her find a cure for Davis. She told Dr. Hamilton that she went to him for help because Oliver could not be trusted.
When Oliver discovered that Chloe was keeping Davis in her basement, despite knowing that he was the serial killing monster, he was angry that Chloe was putting others in danger. Chloe insisted that she had the situation under control, as being near Davis calmed the beast. Despite having a once trusting relationship, Oliver clearly felt that Chloe had broken this trust through these actions and he remained skeptical of her defense. After this, Oliver was prepared to believe the worst of Chloe, as he believed that she had run away with Davis because she loved him.
Oliver went against the plans of Clark and Chloe by ordering the teammates to go against both of them. They tracked down Chloe and Davis and forcefully returned them to Metropolis. He restrained Chloe and prepared to kill Davis. Chloe fought back and used black kryptonite on Davis to separate him from the beast. Once Doomsday went on the rampage, he realized that he was not equipped with handling the situation and admitted his mistake in not trusting Chloe or Clark. He attended the funeral of Jimmy Olsen, who had been killed in the fray, but he stood apart from the team and Chloe only gave him strong looks of contempt. Nevertheless, she seemed concerned when she told Clark that Oliver and the rest of the team had disappeared.
Season Nine
Chloe tried to reorganize the Justice League but her most difficult challenge was finding the whereabouts of Oliver and bringing him back. Because of his downward spiral, Oliver had lost the will to live and then Chloe, after placing a camera to spy and watch him for several weeks, devised a plan to make him rethink his life. With the help of her teammates, Chloe pushed Oliver over the edge to face his demons and find himself again and Oliver congratulated and thanked her for saving his life.
Oliver and Chloe continued to work together, becoming each other’s partners, on missions including tracking down the Justice Society. Hawkman told Oliver that he pushed people away because he was scared. Oliver decided to remedy that by taking Chloe and John to dinner.
 Chloe found Oliver at the Watchtower, doing some target practice, as well as they commiserated about the fact that neither of them has much fun these days. Oliver told Chloe that “Sometimes, you’ve gotta take your fun where you can get it. And sometimes, it’s right in front of your face. You just have to want to see it.” Oliver then showed Chloe how to shoot his bow and when she asked when she knew when to let go, he told her “It’s all about your heart. Just listen. Right there, in between the beats. That’s when you let go.” Chloe kept looking at the hand he placed over hers and her expression implied she had just realized something.
A romantic relationship between Oliver and Chloe quickly developed, although their trust was temporarily disrupted when he discovered that she was embezzling money from his company. She quickly defended her actions by showing the arsenal of kryptonite weaponry that she had bought with his money.
Later, they checked in at a bed-and-breakfast together. When they ran into Lois and Clark, Chloe claimed that they’re not a couple. They were just having fun and that she wanted their relationship to be without gifts and flowers, pressure and strings. Clark was concerned by the new relationship and asked Oliver not to take Chloe for granted.
Later Chloe and Oliver started to kiss when Chloe saw a gift from Oliver. She asked him if Clark talked to him, she then started to become upset and left their bedroom. Soon afterwards, Chloe was possessed by the Silver Banshee and went to take a shower with Clark. She fainted when the Banshee released her and was shocked when she realized where she was and that both she and Clark were naked. Recovering from the Silver Banshee’s intervention, Chloe eventually got around to opening Oliver’s gift, which was revealed to be a spoon. Oliver then jokingly got jealous when he mentioned to Chloe that the next time she wants to take a shower with someone, she should ask him. Chloe reassured him that, although she once loved Clark, he never did see that, didn’t ‘get her’ and her wounds from that healed a long time ago. She then asked Oliver about Lois and he said that the scars are alway there but that doesn’t mean they haven’t healed. With their past relationships with Clark and Lois clearly behind them, Chloe and Oliver made a big step towards moving on and passionately kissed.
When Oliver was captured by Tess and other Checkmate agents as a part of a plot to get Watchtower, Chloe panicked and she worked with Clark to save him. However, Oliver was able to escape by himself and when he arrived at Watchtower, Chloe ran to embrace him in relief and they shared a sweet reunion with Clark looking on. Chloe and Oliver decided that it was best for him to lay low while Chloe investigated. Before she left, a slightly vulnerable Oliver asked her to be careful but Chloe was kidnapped. Oliver and Clark then worked together to save Chloe. Oliver expressed concern for Chloe stating that she scared the life out of him to which she replied, “You better be careful, Ollie. Or I might start to think you’re falling for me.” They exchanged smiles as she held his hand, the intimacy of their conversation showing that their relationship was becoming more serious. Even when Oliver was away on business, he sent Chloe a text message to say how much he missed her.
When Chloe and Tess become trapped in Watchtower, the two started talking about their common ground, Oliver. Chloe confessed that she lost her faith in people a long time ago and Tess assumed that’s the reason she won’t let Oliver get too close to her. Chloe responded by saying that it is the reason why she won’t blame Oliver when he leaves her. However, Tess reassured Chloe that her relationship with Oliver gave his life purpose. While Chloe was trapped, Oliver confronted Zod and got badly burnt by his heat vision. Once Chloe escaped she went to Met Gen to be with Oliver during his recovery.
Chloe eventually said to Clark that now she had Oliver in her life, she wanted to be plugged again into the real world.
 Informing Oliver what was going on, Chloe was discussing the Kandorians and the impending war with him via web-cam. Oliver said that he was coming back to be with Chloe and feeling a declaration of love coming, she interjected, saying that he was coming because they needed to protect the database, awkwardly ending the conversation. Later in Watchtower Chloe was frantic as she tried to recover communications since Zod’s soldiers had destroyed all of Earth’s satellites. Oliver told her to calm down, that she had him, they were a team and she could trust him, then proceeded to mention that after Tess infiltrated Watchtower he had a satellite launched specifically for Watchtower, as a sort of gift to her. Chloe was excited and joked that she was planning to buy him a sweater as a birthday gift, but now she didn’t know if that compared to a satellite. She was relieved, but Oliver told her he had to turn it on from the Earth station. Because she felt that Zod would be watching for any new satellite activity, Chloe gave him a hand radio and asked him to keep a low profile. Oliver suddenly kissed her and left to complete his mission, smiling and saying that since he was wearing his green leather, he would do his best, which left her smiling.
Chloe and Oliver eventually confessed their love for each other when Oliver was being attacked by a mystery attacker while he was in the air ducts of the Earth Station.
Season Ten
After Oliver was abducted, Chloe went to the Justice Society of America’s headquarters and put on Dr. Fate’s helmet in order to find out where he was. When Clark asked her what she saw, she didn’t mention anything about Oliver or trading herself for him. As Oliver was being released, he and Chloe bumped into each other. Once Oliver got into the car, he looked fearful, as though he realized something wasn’t right. From the opposite car, Chloe was revealed to have gone through with the trade, showing that Oliver’s safety meant more than her own life.
Oliver was at Watchtower, desperately trying to look for Chloe, when Tess showed up and informed Oliver that she had gotten his message and didn’t understand what happened to Chloe. Oliver professed that Chloe was gone and he’d do anything he could to find the woman he loved. She remarked that Clark tended to do the same thing for Lois, but Oliver stated that they both of course knew where Lois was, but Chloe had disappeared. Tess suggested that Chloe possibly erased her own “existence” records. Oliver believed that possibility was very unlikely and handed Tess a printed e-mail that she supposedly sent him. Tess read the e-mail and it revealed much affection, passion, as well as devotion for Oliver. Tess denied posting such an e-mail and pointed out that they “both know” Chloe did. Tess admitted that she helped Chloe with “erasing” herself, trusting that she had a plan. Oliver went to Chloe’s apartment looking for clues and found a photo taken by him with Chloe only on sheets on bed and a little bottle behind the photo. Oliver tracked down where he had been held captive and confronted Rick Flag, who told him that Chloe had traded herself for him and then “killed herself” to protect him. Oliver realized that Chloe had faked her own death after finding that the small bottle from the apartment contained an antidote to the cyanide pill. He felt guilty about Chloe’s decision, blaming himself for it.
Oliver was training in his office at LuthorCorp, remembering the first kiss he and Chloe shared, when Lois interrupted and warned Oliver that Gordon Godfreyhad obtained evidence about his secret identity as Green Arrow and was about to publish it in his new book. Oliver went to the church with his parents’ photograph and he talked about what they taught to him when he was a child. He confessed that he tried and then said to his parents photograph that Chloe, the woman that he loved, sacrificed everything to protect him. Oliver started to think about his life and realized that Chloe sacrificed everything to protect him and his fellow heroes due to their secret identities. Lois, believing that Chloe was taking a vacation, said to Oliver that she knew what he meant to Chloe and she knew she would be back. He then made the decision to reveal his identity to the Earth so that Chloe could return to him and called a press conference to announce he was Green Arrow.
Meanwhile, at LuthorCorp, Oliver prepared for an interview with the local TV-media to discuss his alter-ego. Clark, however, entered the room, offering Oliver his silent support. Strengthened by Clark’s presence, Oliver admitted that he recently lost Chloe. “I lost someone. She meant everything to me.” The reporter was stunned by this honest answer but again attempted to smear what he was trying to stand for with a derisive comment. He then made a speech reassuring his acts as a hero.
Oliver decided to continue supporting the Isis Project: A Tale of Eternal Love, a project at the Metropolis Museum that he began funding while he was in a relationship with Chloe. Oliver was taking a tour of the Metropolis Museum while discussing with its curator, Adrianna, on his big entrance as Green Arrow. Tess entered, implying that he was doing that with hope that Chloe saw it and poked fun at Oliver, saying that he was nothing more than a caricature of himself and not the man Chloe fell for. Oliver responded by asking her whether or not she even knew what real love looked like anymore. Later in a conversation with Clark, Oliver said to his friend that he knew how it was living without love and living without love was just sort of existing, alluding to how much he missed Chloe. Later Clark called Tess to be the new Watchtower and Oliver was clearly against the idea, saying that no one could replace Chloe. Later Isis, possessing Lois, sensed Oliver behind her and noted that he had a brave heart but that it belonged to a lonely soul trying to fill the emptiness inside but nothing that he does works.
The next day, Tess and Oliver talked at Watchtower where Oliver admitted that Tess was one of the only people who could see right through him. Tess pointed out that Chloe was the one who saw him, too. In that moment, Oliver opened up about his ongoing heartache. “God, I miss her… I miss her laugh and… her strength…the way her eyes lit up when I entered on the room…She really loved me”. He felt guilty thinking that Chloe did what she did because of his secret and Tess said that, when it came to him, no price was too high for Chloe. Oliver responded, “I guess you can still see real love,” pointing out that Chloe was his true love.
After being attacked while patrolling one night, Oliver ran to Watchtower for first aid. He found Tess exercising her new role at the Watchtower and that she made some modifications on Watchtower’s decor, much to Oliver’s dismay, who wanted to keep Chloe’s memory in it. Oliver continued to remain cold and distrustful of her, no matter how much she tried to help, implying that Chloe was better than her at the role of Watchtower. After a few tense words, he confessed to Tess that everything in Watchtower reminded him of Chloe: all the moments they shared there together, their love, so it was hard for him to be there with somewhere else.
During Clark and Lois’ engagement party in Watchtower, Carter spoke to Oliver, saying that even though he had married Shayera a hundred times, he’d had to lose her that many times as well, comparing Shayera to Chloe. Carter apologized about the loss of Chloe and said that he understood losing her was difficult. Oliver clearly didn’t feel like talking about it, since the pain of not having Chloe there was visible and commented that he hoped that Clark and Lois never felt that kind of loss. With that, Carter said that all relationships involve that risk, but if he learned one thing in all these thousands of years, it was that “Fear never should decide love”. Oliver appreciated the comment and proposed a toast to the future husband and wife.
Oliver began having flashbacks of Chloe experimenting on him after being captured by the VRA and committed himself to the mental ward at the hospital. Clark came to visit Oliver who was now in a straight-jacket at the hospital and asked him about the visions. Ollie found out Clark had been having the same visions about Chloe, but didn’t believe Chloe would do that. Clark left and Ollie demanded he come back. When he didn’t, Oliver saw the lights go out and the walls shape grew unusual. The shape of the wall formed into a human and Chloe emerged from the wall. He believed he was hallucinating from the drugs they injected him with, but she told him he isn’t insane. She revealed that she was there to save him, but he didn’t believe it due to the visions he had. Chloe asked him if he truly believed she could ever do that. His brief pause indicated that he still believed in her, but he soon after demanded an explanation for his and Clark’s visions of her. Chloe explained to him that the government trapped everyone’s minds in a virtual reality to find out how to control their
powers. She also explained that she was trying to pull them out when she found them, but when she did their bodies shut down, forcing her to plug them back in. So instead, she hacked into the computer and created an Avatar of herself to enter the virtual reality and rescue them from the inside out. Chloe told him that believing everything in the virtual reality was fake gave her power. She demonstrated her power by opening the locked door. Oliver began to see the reality as Chloe did and made the straight jacket disappear to his surprise. Chloe explained that he was the one that did it. Chloe proceeded to lead Oliver out of the building and explained that there were virtual avatars that would kill them if they find them. Two cops saw them and Chloe asked Oliver if he trusted her and when he answered “With my life”, she pulled out two unknown guns and shot the cops.
Oliver and Chloe headed out afterwards. Chloe texted Clark to met her and Ollie at the top of the Daily Planet. There she explained to him what was going on and to escape this virtual reality they had to jump off the roof. Clark didn’t believe them. Oliver tried to convince him to come with them but Chloe warned Oliver that if Clark didn’t believe he was in a virtual reality, the jump would kill him. So Chloe and Oliver made the leap back into the real world without Clark. Oliver woke up in the VRA facility and found Chloe waiting for him. Shocked to see her, Ollie asked if they were dead. To prove they were very much alive, Chloe pulled him close and they shared a passionate kiss. Two men arrived: Rick Flag and Deadshot with guns pointing at Ollie, but Chloe told them to stand down—and they did. Oliver realized that Chloe was working with them and she said that she did what she had to do. Flag had Green Arrow and Deadshot cover the facility perimeters against the VRA troopers coming in while
Chloe reentered the virtual reality to rescue the others. Later Oliver, Flag, Deadshot, as well as Dinah rescued Chloe from the VRA troopers. Afterwards Chloe met Oliver at Watchtower. Oliver gave her flowers and admitted that he stopped looking for her because he thought that’s what she wanted. Oliver noted that she could have called him, but Chloe explained that the Fate helmet warned her to stay away. If she had reached out to him, she would have given in and stayed: but that she’d dreamed everyday of returning to him. She then assured Oliver that she’d be staying for a while and they passionately kissed.
Chloe and Oliver made love in Watchtower and awoke to see a Pro-Hero Rally in Metropolis online. Both Chloe and Oliver went to the Kent Farm and along with Martha Kent, Lois and Clark watched the VRA announcement and were all very happy to hear that it was repealed in a nationwide vote.
Chloe met with an in-disguise Oliver at the Ace of Clubs for a date. They liedabout their identity to get a table, unaware that the names they took were actually a couple of undercover FBI agents. The two were ambushed while getting into a limo and were locked in the trunk. They were taken to an apartment where they were questioned about the disappearance of the real agents and the recent string of murders. They managed to render the agents unconscious and discover that the darkness was behind the murders. They went to investigate Desaad, where Chloe was abducted by him. After Chloe was rescued and Desaad put away by the combined efforts of Clark and Oliver, Chloe and Oliver reunited at Watchtower. They talked about their relationship and Chloe made the step Oliver was hoping for and said she can be referred to as his girlfriend and that they would go from there. On their way out, Oliver stayed back to shut down Watchtower for the night, where it was revealed that he had been marked with an Omega symbol.
After drinking some charmed champagne from Zatanna at Lois and Clark’s pre-wedding party, Chloe, Oliver and the rest of the group got magically drunk. Chloe woke up in Clark’s room the day after, dressed in a wedding dress with a ring on her finger and no memories from the preceding night. Discovering half of a marriage certificate with her name written on it, she concluded that she married Clark, since the latter was also wearing a ring. In the mean time, Oliver, who woke up on train tracks with Lois, agreed to help her find her lost engagement ring. That brought them to the Fortune Casino and they were later rejoined by Clark and Chloe who had been investigating the happenings from the night before.
After recovering Lois’s ring and saving Emil, they all got back to the Watchtower to watch the recorded video from their wild night out. While the others were all focused on the video, Chloe and Oliver exchanged glances. Chloe eventually snuck out, but she was soon followed by Oliver who told her that he knew she was considering leaving again. He told Chloe that he understood she could not spend her life as Watchtower. He then gave her the other half of the marriage certificate, revealing that they were the ones who had gotten married the night before. Oliver then stated, “I don’t know what you’re thinking, but I hope it’s not that you’re gonna run off without your husband. You didn’t take that job in my hometown for nothing.” Chloe smiled and they shared a kiss before walking off to leave town as husband and wife.
In Star City, Chloe moved in with Oliver and the two began living together, mixing in their apartment her geek chic and Oliver’s hero green predilection.
Oliver and Chloe were decorating the aisle at the wedding chapel for Clark and Lois’s weddingwhile reminiscing about the missing memories that was their wedding night. They told each other that they would have gone through with it even if they hadn’t been under Zatanna’s spell. Oliver told Chloe that she needed to make sure Lois was on time, as she had apparently gone missing for her wedding. Oliver and Chloe later took their positions as best man and maid of honor at the wedding.
Near the final moments of the wedding, Oliver handed Lois the ring for Clark, and Chloe, mere seconds before it is placed on Clark’s hand, realized that it was made of gold kryptonite and knocked it away before it could be put on Clark’s finger. Chloe then tried to speak to Oliver and Clark realized that he had become completely corrupted by Darkseid and told Chloe to get everyone out of there. Clark managed to free Oliver from Darkseid’s control and Chloe decided to leave for Star City to get to her database. Before leaving, she and Oliver kissed under Darkseid’s Apokolips as it descended upon the Earth.

I love Chloe and Oliver’s relationship, it’s just ___ and perfectly them.

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