Mobile Suit Gundam 00

While writing my recommendation for this series I started getting off topic frequently while talking about the subjects of the show. It didn’t really work in that context but I still really wanted to talk about so here it goes, my opinions and all.

Image result for gundam 00 setsuna innovatorAs I mentioned the characters of this anime are are phenomenal, I mean first of all the members of Celestial Being seemed so objective focused but then as the story moves forward you start to learn how much depth there is to them and how much pain they suffered and how being part of Celestial Being means different things to the different members. Plus the thing that they are fighting for is so much more than just equality, they are fighting against conflict. Beyond that, it starts to sort of explain not only what ‘no conflict’ means but also why it is so important. For me, I think it kind of added to my interest and understanding of conflict and peace in a way that resonated with me.

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Fruits Basket

I have written a recommendation for this series before but I recently reread the manga and it just made me want to talk about the series even more, and pre-note this is probably going to be filled with spoilers. Like I have mentioned this is not only my first anime and manga but it is also one of my all time favorites. It’s just such a sweet and powerful story that totally sucks me in every time. The journey of all character and their back stories especially, they are all just so strong and filled with so much depth.

Related imageAll the zodiac members are shown to have a layer of darkness and struggle right away but then you start to learn just how hard the curse is for them and the more you learn the more important some things are. In my opinion, Yuki and Kyo’s rivalry, in particular, is really profound. Originally you just believe it to be a sort of nature thing, like the fact that they are the cat and the rat their spirits are always against each other but then as the story goes on you realize that isn’t entirely the reason. Kyo always felt isolated and hated for the fact that he was born the cat… What Kyo didn’t know, nor could he understand, is that even though Yuki seemed to be included and love the fact was that he felt just as isolated. … In both case’s envy plays a big role in their spite and their personalities are definitely factors in the form their individual rage and understanding comes in.

Image result for akito sohmaAs for Akito’s story, I have all these mixed feelings, I mean you can’t help but pity her because of her past but at the same time, she did so many cruel things that are just so hard to excuse. In the end, it really did seems like all she wanted was to be loved and accepted but her fear of being left behind and alone trumped everything. It made her cruel and lash out and honestly just made her slightly delusion in the worst possible way. I partly want to believe it was because of circumstance and because of her mother and her position but at the same time I can’t help but blame her as a person as well.

Image result for tohru hondaTohru’s story was especially profound in my opinion. I mean she starts off as seeming like this simple, innocent girl but then you realize how much more she really is and how deep her scars run. Just after the arc with her father’s storyline Tohru just became this whole new person to me and even if she is a fictional character I can’t help but admire her strength. I mean I always loved her character but just after learning about what she went through after her dad passed away and how much pain she was in but still being able to be this positive, smiling person, it just took her to this whole new level.