Man Crush Monday

Related imageSuperman – It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s the greatest hero of all time, Superman. Average, bumbling reporter by day, superhero by night; Superman is probably the most recognized and beloved heroes of all time. The last son of Krypton, Kal-El, was raised as Clark Kent by a farm couple in Kansas. As grow he developed amazing powers and with his strong moral values was inspires to become a hero. This Man of Steel dedicates his life to protect the people, to fight against evil and give the world a sense of hope. No battle is too small, whether the world is in peril or business tycoons are exploiting human rights or a corner store is being held up, this hero always tries to be there for the people. Ever since Superman was introduced to the world he has been an icon and inspiration for so many different kinds of people; his existence, fictional or not, is powerful and gives strength to children and adults alike. You can’t deny the truest power of Superman, hope.

One cannot deny the crush worthiness of Superman, he may just be the only man that stayed in my heart from childhood to know. Beyond being the tall-dark-and-handsome type, which I have to admit is one of my favorites, what Superman represents is just so much more amazing. He always tries to do what’s best for all, not letting all these factors that make us discriminate each other stop him, or let corruption bait him; he has his values and refuses to waver. Superman has a golden heart and pure values, and even if sometimes he must face the challenges alone that stop him from making the right choice.

Honestly, the biggest draw for me is that whenever I read or watch the stories of Superman unfold there is always just this lingering feeling that I love. He is my greatest symbol of hope because he nothing stops him from doing what he needs to do. I love represents and always just wish that there were people like him in the real world, not superheroes with powers, even though I think that would be super cool, but just inspire hope. I know that there are but sometimes it feels like they get faded into the background and I just think that it would be amazing if our world had a beacon of hope like Superman.


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Man Crush Monday

Related imageTakumi Usui – The amazingly talented male protagonist from the Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama series, and the love interest of Misaki Ayuzawa. Born into a life of prestige but rejection as the illegitimate child of a married, wealthy English-Japanese woman who fell in love with her butler, Takumi’s father. His mother died during childbirth and his father, who was kicked out of his family, disappeared never to be heard from again. This all led to Takumi being raised in secrecy and being taught solely by private tutors. Though he eventually became bored of homeschooling so he randomly selected a school, fought to enroll at Seika Hich School and moved into a condo by himself. From there he mostly kept to himself, that is until he discovered Misaki secretly works as a cafe maid. He becomes intrigued by who she is but more than that he grows to worry and eventually fall for her. As a bonus, he grows up to become a world-renowned doctor and married Misaki who became a Diplomate, living their lives in happily ever after.

My total anime crush, he is just too precious for words. He’s gorgeous and brilliant and kind and the love he has for Misaki is beautifully amazing. Honestly, he is above and beyond what I dream of in a guy. I just, I love him and I can’t put into words just how amazing I think he is, too bad he’s character though but a girl can dream. He presents himself as cool and passive but the reality is that he a lot deeper than one would think and when he cares for someone or something he puts his whole heart behind it and that’s what makes him so incredible.

Without a doubt, my favorite moments in the series are definitely the more subtle times were Takumi really just admires and supports Misaki. Just in the sense of relationship and what I dream of in my future soulmate or whatever he will be I want that. The person that I can always count on and who will tell me when he thinks I am wrong and push me but always supports me; that’s Takumi is for Misaki and it’s what makes he just a dream, not his perfection but his love.

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