Rather than ‘portion’, I thought ‘potion,’ so that’s what inspired this post. Honestly, I am a girl that believes in a world more magically acclaimed than our reality. Don’t get me wrong, I am a total believer in science but at the same time, I still believe in the existence of the mystical. I mean yeah the more we delve into science the more things begin to seem technical but even if we manage to explain everything we can never truly know if everything we know is true. Like I don’t even know if the sentence technically makes sense but I am confident my point is made. As for potions, in this reality, I believe we call it chemistry, who can go against the fact that the things we do with it and create can’t be magic. We use it to enchant kids so why can’t we still be enchanted by it as adults. I guess my point is that just because we think we know more doesn’t mean we have to believe less, whether in the unexplained or the unrealistic.

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I thought I couldn’t think of anything deep to say about a bridge, I mean I have some good pictures, very aesthetically pleasing, but no good stories to go with them. Then I remember this when and went to the park to take the best picture I could. This was the first sight I was when I moved to Victoria. My mom and were just driving around looking at apartments and we decided it was time for a break, we followed some signs and arrived at Beacon Hill Park. I instantly thought it was breathtaking, I was surprised that it was just actually a park, there in the middle of the town. Now it’s just a place I love to go to just look at the water before I go for a walk through the park. In a photography sense, I just love taking pictures there, especially in the summer after all the flowers and blooming. Every corner is simply beautiful and filled with color. This bridge was the first thing I saw when I was about to start the next step in my life and now it is one of my favorite place in all of Victoria.

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I’m thinking Scooby Doo, as in Meddling Kids. Anyone else with me. As a kid I saw this show as beyond amazing, in fact, I think it may have been my first step into an interest in mystery. It was fun trying to put together the clues and when I was a kid, sometimes even known, when I actually managed to guess right before the unmasking I couldn’t help but feel some pride. I really wanted to think of something more to say but if I’m being honest I can’t think of anything without well getting completely lost. That being said I guess all that’s really left is that for me Scooby Doo has to be one of my most memorable classics. I was always a fan of basically all the Hanna-Barbera cartoons but the Scooby Gang was one of my top favorites, right after The Flinstones and Yogi Bear. They are all just fun series to go back to and reminisce about your childhood while binge on some episodes; the person I usually do this with is my mom.

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When I first saw this prompt I asked myself, ‘what’s a qualm.’ Turns out a qualm is essentially a feeling of doubt or worry, I feel like I knew that but I’m not positive. Anyways after I found that out the next thing I thought, ‘wow, that’s kind of perfect;’ not the whole feeling that way part the writing about it part. Looks like I was feeling like this for over a year without even knowing. The sucky part is that sometimes I think I’m still feeling that way, a lot of times I wonder if it’ll ever go away. Either way I’m learning who to manage that feeling but I’m not going to lie, it’s hard sometimes even impossible. 

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I have mentioned many time my love for summer, the shining sky, longer days and warm weather, I am a total fan. There is just one flaw, it makes me feel really tired. Like winter makes me a more worn thin kind of tired, which now that I think about it is more like knackered, but summer just makes me want to have an equal amount of adventure and time to bum around. Really is there anything more peaceful than lounging around outside on a summer day, not for me. My most ideal day would be sitting on a hammock on a warm summer day, ocean and lake in sight if possible, with a good book and a natural peaceful atmosphere. I guess everyone has there own way of enjoying some time to bum around, this just happens to be mine.

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A photographic representation change, this turned out to be much easier than I originally thought. Fall is the season of change after all and turns out I had the perfect picture to represent it. Along with the changing seasons comes one of the most visible natural examples of change, the leaves. In winter there bears, in spring they bloom, summer is full and in the fall the colors change before the cycle starts anew. The colors changing in the fall is probably my favorite part of the season, watching them go from green to reds and yellow, you can’t help but feel mesmerized. This tree showed in absolute perfection and I’m so glad I get to share it with the world.

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