This is without a doubt one of my favorite Christmas pictures, I take a new one almost every year. I just love playing with the focus of my camera and somehow Christmas ends up always being the time of year where I play with it the most. Well either then or early spring when all the flowers start to bloom. Either way one of my favorite features of my camera is the focus, I not only love playing with it but it always adds this better touch to every picture I take, well the ones that aren’t more landscape like. As I have mentioned before, many times probably I love taking pictures and playing with effects, this is just another fun example of that passion.

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I thought long and hard about what would make this a perfect relationship. I considered the ‘order’ that is my closet or my jewelry box, I even considered making something to represent order but none of those ideas seemed all that right to me. In the end, I decided on nature’s order; originally I though the V formation that birds fly in during migration but I don’t have any such picture in my collection and sadly I couldn’t find any flying geese this week. So I decided to go with my second version of nature’s order, plant formation. I mean ‘order’ is essentially about the relation of things in the sense of a sequence or pattern and we work so hard to have order in or lives but nature just does it.  Plants and animals and pretty much the whole natural world have order wrapped into their existence, whether it’s the order of migration of the natural kingdom or the order of plants growing together in summer. There is order everywhere and with it comes balance, even harmony.

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Does the fact that it is suddenly super hot count as radiate. I mean it should be considering it’s because the sun is radiating the way it is that it seems so hot lately, and without any warning. I mean seriously I live in B.C and normally I am preparing for wildfires but instead, I am hearing about how all these major cities are flooding. I can’t even go to my safe haven, a quiet beach along the Okanagan Lake, when I visit my hometown now because it’s flooded. The major cause of all this sudden flooding throughout Canada is pretty simple, up until a month ago it was snowing but then suddenly the temperature rose for summer and all that mountain snow had to go somewhere; running off faster than the natural cycle of the environment could handle. And it’s not like everything is beginning to stabilize and we’ve seen the end of it, no the weather is still haywire. The morning can start all peaceful and the sun is shining but by the time evening comes by there is a windstorm, or there are lightning and thunder where there shouldn’t be, or too much rain sudden where there use to be drought, and so on and so forth. Honestly, the weather is so out of wack that the environment doesn’t know what to do. And this fact is another relation to radiate because the cause of all this global mayhem is all the radiation humanity has leaked. So now the big question is how do we fix what we broke?

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Nothing like a good afternoon hike to solidify the bonds of friendship. Me and my best friends live in different cities now, as that’s another thing that comes with growing up, but even still we manage to see each other a couple of times in the year. During that time, in the summer particularly one of my favourite things to do with them is go for a hike. I may not always seem like it, mainly because of my absolute hatred of bugs, but I love the outdoors especially when the activity involves a hike. There is just always something magical about it and getting to spend that time with a friend too is just that much more amazing. The adventures always fun and the end is always calmingly satisfying, like you accomplished something or discovered something great along the way. I guess that’s kind of like friendship, in a way; it all starts off as some fun journey and somewhere down the line you realize you’ve made this incredible friend and everything seems even better than before. 

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Might be because I am currently binge watching it but when I saw Buff I instantly thought Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love Buffy, there is always just so much emotion and excitement, no matter how many times I re-watch it. Just watching Buffy’s journey and the things that she faces, both the mundane and the supernatural, it’s all just a really intense thing to watch and enjoy, and I don’t think can fully explain all the different piece that I like about. I mean I usually lean towards things that leaving a feeling of hopefulness, but with the Buffyverse, there is a lot that is very dramatic and emotional, and sometimes downright tragic, but even still I love to watch it. I am currently on my third time of watch chronologically, some of my favorite episodes and season I have watched many more times. Personally, my favorite season has to be season 2; between the introduction of Spike, and Angel and Buffy’s storyline, and Willow’s step into the dark arts, not to mention how intense the emotions are throughout the entire season. The season 2 finale also features my favorite fight, which is Buffy and Angel’s sword fight; between the dialogue and the general action, I think it was pretty epic. I guess you can get the hint that I am a total Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, from the action and the supernatural to witty dialogue and dramatic moments to the romance and heartache, I love to watch it all.

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Turns out evanescent is about passing and memory so it was kind of hard to think of a good picture to represent that. I chose this picture I took while flying over the ocean during sunset. It’s just that some of my favourite memories involve traveling and well being up in the sky in a plane it’s part of the journey. Inching closer and closer to your destination all the while passing through the air, above the mountains, the waters, the clouds. As you get older the magic starts to fade a bit but still I love having a window seat and watching the world pass by while having a birds eye view. 

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I’m a little scared when it comes to well all kinds of exposure. Especially in the sense of being emotionally or physically exposed, it makes me kind of nervous. I mean when I think exposure my mind parallels it with vulnerability and being vulnerable is one of my greatest fears. Or more accurately being rejected after showing my vulnerability is what I fear. It’s just that when you expose a part yourself I feel like you are sharing a part of you that is more personal and being rejected for that would be unbearably terrifying. I feel like that’s one of my biggest obstacles for when it comes to becoming close with other people. I’m scared to show that I am weak or that I need them and that always ends up causing problems, for me more than anyone else. I mean even when I am becoming so determined to put myself out there more i still block myself for that reason, the reason of me not wanting to be vulnerable. I don’t know if there is some big reason or cause as to why I am like this but it’s not a quality that I love and it makes me more scared about the future and my relations with people than I naturally am. It might just be that the future and vulnerability are my two greatest fears in life.

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