Image result for w.i.t.c.h showW.I.T.C.H -The journey of five girls, Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin, who serve as “Guardians of the Veil.”

Probably one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons as a kid. Even now, in my old age of 22, I still go back to it for a binge. I really love this cartoon; as a kid, I enjoyed the concept, you know magic and other worlds, and know I love all that but I also kind of really enjoy the story.

If you are looking for a cartoon filled with adventure, friendship, and magic I would have to say that this show is a definate must. With a strong and interesting story, a variety of charcters, and great development this is definetly more than just another kids, passtime cartoon.


Image result for Snow White with the Red Hair posterSnow White with the Red Hair – Shirayuki is a kind girl with brilliant red hair; she lives in a small town in where she runs her herbal shop. That is she did until catching the eye of the ridiculous Prince of Tanbarun, Raji, who decides to make her his concubine. But Shirayuki isn’t one to easily give up her freedom, thus she decides to escape to the forest but not without leaving Raji the parting gift of her long red hair. After crossing the border she meets Zen Wistaria, the second prince of Clarines, and after various circumstances, Zen, along with two aides, rescue Shirayuki from Raji. Seeing Zen as a fateful encounter Shirayuki joins him and aides back to the Clarines where she begins a new journey in her life with new dreams, forging loyal friendships, encountering different enemies and best of all discovering new and true love.

The hook for me to start watching was Snow White in the title; I’m a total sucker for fairy tales and I usually enjoy the new takes on classics. The reason I kept watching and why I kept wanting more was because of the stories. Not only the love story between Zen and Shiryuki but the friendship and bonds, and achievement that drove them. Beyond great story lines, not to mention it is a visually beautiful anime, the characters all have their own ways of being portrayed as strong, loyal and special.

It may not be the Snow White story we grow up with but if you ask me it’s a wonderful love story all the same. There’s comedy and drama, romance and adventure, really if you are a fan of the action, fairy tale, love story type of plots than I have to say I would highly recommend this anime.


Image result for winx club poster

Winx Club – One day a seemingly ordinary Earth girl, named Bloom, life change’s when she has a destined encounter that would seem impossible. While in the park she witness’s an attack by an ogre of a magical fairy. But that wasn’t the most spectacular part, Bloom saved the fairy, named Stella who she later befriends, by using her own source of magic; from there Bloom learns that she is, in fact, a fairy herself. Bloom decides to joins Stella and enrolls into the Alfea School for Fairies, on the world of Magix. She quickly adds to her fairy friends with her roommates, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and in the future Layla; together they are the Winx Club. From there the girls’ experience a new kind of life, from high school on to saving the universe from the forces of darkness like rouge witches from Cloud Tower or the dark wizard Valor and much more.

I think this may have been my entire reason for waking up before 8 every Saturday morning as a kid. There is nothing really revolutionary or profoundly deep about this cartoon but for me, I guess it might be the nostalgia that makes it worth it.

Honestly, this is probably the least understandable recommendation that I have so far made, and probably will be so forever. Even so, I can’t resist telling the world why I think Winx Club is worth giving a chance, at least the first three seasons. It was just a fun show about well a world of fairies and magic, every kid’s dream or at least it was one of mine. But more than that it was stories about girls standing up against evil, even when the odds were against them and about self-discovery; the perfect combination for a good kid show. If you’re willing to watch a cheesy cartoon with some good plots I would have to say that this is worth a try.



Young Justice – This show is about our favorite teen sidekicks and protégés venturing on the journey into becoming their own kind of heroes. Establishing themselves as more than just sidekicks, but rather heroes in their own right. But still being kids they also have normal teen issues in their personal lives to deal with while fighting against evil.

To put it simply, this show is totally awesome. I love superheroes in general, it usually easily reels me in but this show it was the story and arcs that just kept me riveted. Beyond the usual superhero action, adventure scene, there is context and story filled with moments of suspense and surprises even a little bit of drama. I wanted more with every episode and was never disappointed in the delivery.  There is an amazing story and great depth for so many of us recognize but some of us may not really know.

The second I started to watch this show I was hooked and I highly recommend it. If you enjoy superhero media, or really anything in the ‘team slash save-the-world slash action-adventure’ genre then this is definitely a show worth watching. It’s fun and witty but most of all it’s a strong show with great writing that really can’t help but enjoy every moment of.


Related imageHow to Train Your Dragon – On the island of Berk, where battling dragons is a means for survival, there is a boy named Hiccup who doesn’t exactly fit in. Between the way, he sees things and says things not to mention his slim demeanor he was the ultimate outsider, despite him even being the chief’s son. That all changed though when he met Toothless; his clan was keen on dragon fighting and Hiccup was deperate for approval which is what caused him to shot down a Nightfury but no one believes him. Looking for proof so he can finallu gain respect from his clan but most of all his father,  Hiccup sets off to the wood. When he finds the Nightfury though he’s unable to kill him and stead releases him, but the dragon was left wonded and unable to really fly away. In the process of trying to fix the dragon’s tail the two begin to bond and trust each other. Eventually he befriends the dragon and names him Toothless. Hiccup shows compassion to the dragon and soon learns that everything they think they know is wrong. Now Hiccup must navigate through the things he’s told versus the things he know, whatever he decided could change the lives of his poeople forever.

I really adore this movie, and the entire franchise really. To being with it’s funny, adorable and heartfelt. But what I love about it is the depth that exists within the stories and the characters. Not only is it about the devlopment of the bond between Hiccup and Toothless but as whole it’s about family, friendship, and community but also growing up and finding your place not always in the world but rather right where you are.

Whether you choose to just watch the movies or like me delve into to shows, you can’t go wrong with this franchise. The visuals are outstanding but most of all there is an amazing story that you can’t help but love and get completely attached to. If you haven’t seen it yet I would definitely recommend you add How to Train Your Dragon to your watch list.


Image result for gundam 00Mobile Suit Gundam 00 – In the distant future, mankind faces its greatest energy crisis ever due to the dependence of fossil fuels. Due to fear, soon humanity was forced to focus on a new source of energy, solar power. The nations of the world united to form three factions, who each have access to limitless energy through a solar power generator; the Union, the AEU, and the Human Reform League. This resulted in the countries still dependent on fossil fuel sales to plunge into poverty, years of warfare and strife over control of solar energy. Chaos was inevitable but among it, the paramilitary organization, Celestial Being, appeared with one goal, the elimination of war and conflict through armed intervention with their Gundams.

My absolute favorite series from the Gundam franchise, there is just so much to love and get excited about. I think most of Gundam animes are about war and discrimination and conflicts like that but Gundam 00 just really gets to me, in a good way. The story is really strong and the characters are phenomenally written. Overall I love this anime, there is just so much to appreciate and enjoy, from the development to the story to the message to the characters, it is really enjoyable to watch.

This is a must watch anime, that said if you haven’t watched it yet then I must recommend doing so soon. Especially so if you are interested in the action, sci-fi genre with military and space, and whether or not you are into anime believe me this is really worth giving a chance. It visually appealing, there are so many characters that you will fall in love with and most of all it has not only an amazing story but a great message too.


Image result for red data girlRed Data Girl – Izumiko Suzuhara is a 15-year-old girl who has a secret that she didn’t even know about. Born to the Tamakura Shrine, Izumiko lived a shy, quiet life where the only abnormality was her; between her braided pigtails and how whenever she touched electric devices they break she always stood out in a bad way. That all changed though when she enrolled at Hojo High School in Tokyo and she began getting answers about who, or rather what she was. With her childhood friend Miyuki Sagara the two learn of an entity known as the ‘Himegami.’ Izumiko learns that she is a vessel for the spirit called a  kami and that Miyuki is a warrior called a yamabushi whose duty is to protect the kami. From there they learn about the world hidden in our and they are a part of it.

I adore this anime. This is definitely an anime that caught me off guard. When I heard of it and saw it on Netflix, my first thought was ghosts and childishly girly but when I finally watched it, within minutes I realized just how wrong I was. It delves into the spirit realm and the mystical arts that come with it and tells a great story about a girl finding her way through it. Not to mention that visually it is absolutely stunning, the animation, the color all of it is amazing.

For fans of fantasy with parallel to the world of mystics, this is a definite must. It’s a story about discovery and identity and becoming more confident but best of all they way it is played out is simply beautiful. You can’t go wrong in giving this anime a try.


Image result for wonder womanWonder Woman – Diana, Princess of the Amazons, lived on the paradise island of Themyscirawas, where she was trained to become a warrior like no other but also sheltered away from the world. That all changed when she meets the American pilot, Steve Trevor, who informs her of the war inflaming the rest of the world. Determined to stop the threat and end the conflict, Diana leaves her home and enters the world she was hidden from. Now, she will fight alongside men in the effort of ending all wars and discovering not only her powers but also her destiny.

I just got home from watching and I have to say it was beyond perfect, it feels like the superhero movie I have been waiting for. Without giving away anything I can that I have been waiting for the next superhero movie that was about the story and hope as much as it was about the action and fighting evil. Wonder Woman was the best kind of superhero movie, origin story wise particularly, I mean it’s about more than just her story about becoming this amazing hero, it is the story about Diana finding her truths and her destiny. It’s hard to really say what moments really hit the mark and made this such an amazing movie without giving anything away so for now, that is all I’ll say.

I might be biased but I truly believe that this is a must watch for really any type of movie fan. It’s more than just the usual action packed superhero blockbuster, though there is still plenty of it. But beyond that, there is an incredible and powerful story about hope and not just about becoming a hero but rather becoming part of our world. Overall I think it’s an amazing movie that is definitely worth the hype.


Image result for Barbie: Star Light AdventureBarbie: Star Light Adventure -When the stars begin to dim and lose their dance in the sky, the galaxy becomes in jeopardy and everything changes. Barbie, a recognized, talented hoverboarder, is summed to the royal planet to be part of a cosmic journey to save the universe. She is recruited to an elite rescue team, filled with talented individuals and together, along with Barbie’s pet sidekick, Pupcorn, set off on a mission to save the stars and thus the universe.

I’ve watched multiple times now and have to admit that I just can’t help but totally love it. It feels like a new kind of Barbie movie and it was awesome. Not only was it visually stunning but it has a really sweet story and a good message. It’s about believing in yourself and following your heart, with a really fun story to show it. And like I mentioned before, visually it is absolutely gorgeous, this is by far the best animation I have seen done by the Barbie franchise. Between all of this and just how fun it is to enjoy I have to say that this movie really went above and beyond what I expected.

Personally, I think Barbie movies have been a bit hit and miss lately but this was a definite hit. If you are looking for something a little different and like Barbie movies then I have to say this is worth watching. To some it may seem cliched at times but if you ask me it is definitely worth a watch.