World Wildlife Fund

Image result for wwf posters global warmingThe World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) was founded in 1961 for the preservation of our world’s wildlife.

Honestly while looking through the information, I could feel the heartache that is the future of our planet.


WE Charity

Image result for free the childrenWe Charity, formally known as Free the Children, was founded in 1995 by Craig and Marc Kielburger. The foundation is about not only helping developing countries but also about youth empowerment.

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Girl Love

Image result for girllove rafiki braceletShout out to a cause that I totally love. For those of you who don’t know Girl Love is a movement started by Lilly Singh, also known as iiSuperwomanii, with the help of WE Charity. The purpose of the movement is quite simple, to end girl-on-girl hate. It’s to encourage us, all females of all kinds to band together to put negativity behind us to achieve the amazing things we are meant to do and be the great people we are meant to be. The challenge of this movement is just as simple, to show your support by spreading Girl Love; not just to the people we know or want but to all women all around the world. Superwoman and WE are working together to improve life for women in third world countries and encourage girls around the world to not only love themselves but love each other.

I really admire what this cause is about, I mean there are just so many things that we as humans discriminate against and it all really sucks but in my opinion the worst to think about is how women discriminate against women for being women. That sounds weird but it doesn’t make it any less true. Women have always had to fight for the rights whether it be for education or to vote or for whatever right they were not given because they were women. And that fight isn’t over, whether you’re a part of the world where women are fighting for equality in faculties or in a country that still oppresses girls when it comes to every right. The fight for our rights is still on and we as women and humans for that matter should be working together to end that. We need to stop hating and starting working together for the future of humanity.

So let’s spread girl love, and pledge to not only end girl-on-girl hate but to work together and make an impact. Let’s stand up for what we believe. Let’s encourage the love of oneself and the people around us. Let’s educate the next generation, boys and girls alike. Let’s speak up and be heard about the things that matter. Let us as people come together to spread love.

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Daffodil Month

Related imageIt is April meaning that it is also Daffodil Month. What is Daffodil Month you may be asking? It’s a month of awareness for the Canadian Cancer Society. Not only is this about getting donations, which go towards helping people living with cancer and funding research, but it’s also about raising awareness.

You may be wondering, why a daffodil? Well, you see the daffodil represents one of the Canadian Cancer Society’s campaigns. With the daffodil pins, which you can get from various locations through a donation, the daffodil has become a symbol of strength and courage in the battle to fight cancer. Personally, I have volunteered for years and have helped with numerous events to get donations and raise public awareness. You can do the same by going on online and finding a way to help in your community. Always remember every small bit helps, so do what you can to help.

Let’s use this month as a community to learn more about cancer awareness and prevention as well as do more to help to learn out more and one day finds a cure. Show your support by wearing a daffodil and join the fight.

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