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Related imageBuffy Summers – In every generation there is a Chosen One and in the late 20th century that Chosen One was Buffy Anne Summers. At the age of fifteen, Buffy was called as the next Slayer, turning her ordinary life in Los Angeles upside down. After a destructive incident at her high school involving vampires though she was expelled and along with her mother moved to Sunnydale, a beacon for the supernatural being that it was above a Hellmouth, from there she becomes a guardian for the town. When it comes to her duty she can be considered a bit of a rebel, not conforming to what being a Slayer traditionally meant. Between her attachment to a normal life and having close friends who not only know her identity but help her in her battle against evil, which goes directly against the insistence that the Slayer must work alone. Buffy can be rebellious, overly casual and her emotions can get the best of her she is still a great Slayer. And even though she originally desired a normal life rather than that of a mystical hero eventually Buffy grows to embrace her destiny as the Slayer.

Character wise I think Buffy may just be the most amazing of all. She got swung out of a mundane life and was just expected to accept her duty but she couldn’t stop herself from wanting to just be normal again. Even still, she couldn’t ignore her duty, her destiny. She fought against the evils that try to endlessly plague the world all the while trying to keep her humanity in check. Not only that but she also recognizes the gray in life; who you are and what you do is never simple, no matter how much you wish it to be, you can’t simply close your mind and just judge by primary knowledge.

There are a lot of things to love about Buffy; she’s strong, caring, a total badass but at the same time she is very human, flawed and emotional, all of it. She’s not a girl who just does her duty and forgets what is done, she holds on to everything, the pain and love and memories, and she uses it. More than anything I think Buffy is an example of evolving and learning and becoming who you are meant to be by being who you want to be.

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Woman Crush Wednesday

Image result for lilly singhLilly Singh/iiSuperwomanii – The Canadian YouTube personality, vlogger, comedian, feminist, writer, and actress. Since she began her YouTube channel in October 2010 she has been ranked 3rd on Forbes 2016’s list of world’s highest-paid YouTube stars, received an MTV Fandom Award, three Streamy Awards, two Teen Choice Awards and a People’s Choice Award. Not to mention having over 11 million subscribers and nearly 2 billion views on her main YouTube channel, putting her in the Top 100 of YouTube. YouTube isn’t all that makes her great, she has done things from releasing a lipstick with Smashbox called ‘BAWSE,’ to releasing a film titled ‘A Trip to Unicorn Island,’ to starting a movement with WE charities called #GirlLove, to releasing her first book, ‘How to be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life,’ this year.

There are really so many things that you can admire about Lilly Singh, but I think the biggest thing for me is that even after her fame and fortune she kept working hard and proving that if you put your mind to it, anything can happen. I mean she literally went from being an average person, who was looking for direction really, to a worldwide icon by being herself and expressing herself and finding passion. It’s like she dreams things and then actually sets out to do those things; to accomplish more while still staying committed to things like her YouTube videos and especially to her fans.

She set out to do more and be more. She became a role model. She owns being herself and loving others as well as yourself. She’s even created a movement for women and works to change the conversation. Those are the things that make Lilly Singh beyond amazing, it’s not her just her success it’s the committed and genuine person that she continues to be. She’s an inspiration really because she earns what she has through hard work every day and a positive outlook and all the while keeping a big heart. Lilly Singh is the type of real-world person you want to look up to.

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Woman Crush Wednesday

Wonder Woman – The immortal Princess Diana of the Amazons, daughter of Queen Hippolyta, and given power by Gods to fight against the evil that plagues this world. She is not only one of the most famous heroine of all time but has been a feminists icon since her debut in 1941. With her beauty, brains, and brawn Diana enters the world of hero, equal, in some cases better, to any man and a symbol for every woman. Her heroic journey all began when the army pilot Steve Trevor crash landed on the secluded shores of Themyscira; this caused the events that led Diana to enter rest of the world and make her people known. The place she entered though was not what she expected, with things like war, hate, discrimination, there was a lot for Diana to learn. But she wasn’t intimidated and with the help of her superhuman strength and speed, not to mention magic gauntlets and the Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman was born and not only was she a force against evil but she is also an advocate for peace.

Beyond being my all time favorite superhero, possibly tied with Superman, she was probably the first woman I idolized for her character. I feel like she has always represented a more black and white vision of what is good and evil. Unlike so many other heroes her journey wasn’t triggered by some tragic event but rather her desire to save a world that she didn’t really know but knew she had to save. She was born to fight against evil but she did more that, she enter our world, the world of man, and became a symbol of strength and love

More than anything I love what Wonder Woman stands for. Her biggest issues have always been about peace and love and equal and those are some of the most amazing things to admire. Both as Wonder Woman and Diana Prince, she is part of our world with a desire to make it better. She was one of the first characters that represented a woman in a man’s world but made it her own. Wonder Woman is more than icon she is a role model, she’s something to strike for and recognize and that’s why love her character so much.


Woman Crush Wednesday

Image result for lois laneLois Lane – Possibly the greatest reporter in the world, consistently the first on the scene, if not right the in middle, of one crisis to the next. She is willing to do anything to get to the truth and get her story. At least that is how DC comics describes her and I agree.

Yes, she is Superman’s love interest, the pair being one of personal favorite love stories, but first and foremost, Lois Lane is a self-made badass. Right from the beginning, when she was introduced in the pre-feminist times of the 50’s, Lois Lane has been ahead of her times as a strong working woman. She faces challenges and never gives, and that is probably what lands her into unthinkably dangerous situations but something to admire as brave. She stands up for what she believes in, the truth, and she fights to be heard and to be seen as an equal.

But it’s not only her strength that is worth looking up to, there is also the layer of love and compassion. She is the only woman meant for Superman because she’s always stood by his side, not behind him or trying to control him but rather as his partner. She’s madly in love and sometimes that’s the scariest thing of all. She portrays admirable qualities of love, between loyalty and trust and even vulnerability. Her love for the Man of Steel slash bubbling reporter, Clark Kent, always comes off as pure.

Lois Lane is an embodiment of having it all; she is her own woman driven by her career but she has a romantic side and isn’t ashamed of being saved, probably because she does a little of her own saving from time to time too. She is a female character that has always been portrayed as a human girl who is ambitious, strong, loyal and smart, and that’s what makes her so amazing, a girls role model of sorts. I know for me personally there are a lot of things about Lois Lane that I wish to aspire to.

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