Happy Diwali!

The festival of light and if you ask me it’s the best festival of the year. It’s about friends and family as well as history and light. It’s always just this beautiful and festive celebration that I’m proud to be part of. 

Teen Wolf Finale

I am so beyond

Image result for teen wolf nolanOne of my favorite things about this season is just the concept of fear of the unknown. They were on the verge of war and why because people discovered something different existed among them and that made them scared and thus violent.


Happy Thanksgiving!

This may be an uncommon opinion but Thanksgiving may just be my all-time favorite holiday. I don’t know what critics others use when judging the best holiday but for me, it’s the coming together. It’s about getting to spend time with my closest family and friends, and even the time I thought it completely sucked it still was able to be an amazing because I got to spend a day enjoying the company of the people I love. I know some people might think the same about Christmas but I think Christmas has to much hype with it. It’s just expected to be the most festive holiday I think that might be the very reason it doesn’t feel like it. 

Plus Thanksgiving dinner is without fail always the best. It had the best food and the greatest dessert, pie. My mom particularity makes the absolute best apple buy, which is always accompanied by an wonderful bakery pumkin pie brought by my aunt. Really it’s just a day with the most grand yet initiate dinner celebration of the year. That’s why I love it. It’s predictably fun and warming. In my 22 years Thanksgiving has not failed me in being great. 

Feminist Media

There is this common kind of comment I see for shows with strong female needs, not by like reviewers or anything but just normal people who watch. It’s about the issue people have with a elements involving a powerful female. I mean really why do people have to have a major debate about the amount of girl power is acceptable; I don’t hear comments about the reverse. I mean seriously one strong female amoung a strong group of males and the problem is whether or not the female is too strong. What about the fact that there is only one woman, how woman are expected to fit in the category of that one strong woman. Like there is suppose to be only one way a woman can be strong, not so realist now is it.

For real the world, especially the virtual one, is filled with criticism, there is no way the people can please them.

So now for the questions. Am I over reacting? Or maybe I am just flat out wrong. What do you think? Is it fair or understandable for people to react the way they do when it comes to a females role in media? Or do you agree that this is one of many examples of how the world is still unequal in matters in of gender?

14 Days of Miraculous

Related image1. Origins – Every story has a beginning including Paris’s heroic duo Ladybug and Cat Noir.

I loved this episode so much. I mean in most scenarios I love origins stories but for the series this episode really added a new level to an already awesome show. 

It’s so much more than just an origin of how Adrian and Marinette became the Miraculous holders. It was the first real episode into the history and value of the elements as a whole within the series.  

Even the twos personality changes when they become their heroic counterparts; Marinette took on being Ladybug out of a sense of duty which explains her more serious approach whereas Adrian become Cat Noir for the freedom which is he tends to be more bold as the hero.

Related image

Miraculous Honorable Mentions

Image result for miraculous pixelatorPixelator – It’s a camera featured villain so I have to admit that out of all the akumatized victims he seems like my most probable version. Except for that whole major fanboy bit, I mean I can get super into things but not to the point of revenge seeking fangirl, at I don’t think I am.

Image result for miraculous puppeteerPuppeteer –

Related imageLady Wifi –

Image result for miraculous mimeThe Mime –

Image result for miraculous stormy weatherStormy Weather –

Image result for miraculous bubblerThe Bubbler –

Image result for miraculous gamerGamer –

Image result for miraculous antibugAntibug –