14 Days of Miraculous

Image result for dark cupid gif6. Dark Cupid

This was the Valentine’s Day episode and it just so happens to have been my first introduction to the show. Sentiment aside it really drew me in for the cheese factor, I’m a very corny person in general but it tends to amp up around February.

As for Kim, this being his episode, I thought of him as the dumb jock type, who occasionally was Chloe’s ‘thug’ but it turns out that he’s more, unfortunately, it was through heartbreak that it was proven.

Clean or Healthy

I have one major hair dilemma and I’m not sure if it’s common or just me, I’m presuming just me. I love having clean hair the problem is that if I wash my hair every day then it starts to become really dry which results in my hair being oilier. Turns out that when you overdo something that affects the body naturally like that the body starts doing the opposite; I didn’t word all that too well but the point was made.

Seriously, what first world problems I have.


Family is an especially fun topic for me because mine feels totally topsy turvy all the time and yet I still love them.

I really want my family. I feel so alone and disconnected lately and it’s like this nagging feeling inside me saying that I just yearn for my family. I’m not even thinking a family anymore, like I use to just think that I would eventually have that feeling out of my future family with my kids and where I have kids and happiness essentially, but I’m starting to think I want something more yet basic. I want my brother and cousins and just those relationship I feel like I need. I don’t know what it is or what I can possibly do to feel like I’m actually in or I guess to feel a part of it. It’s like no matter how hard I try or what I do I always feel on the outside. I don’t I’m just tired of trying and in any other situation in my life I would give up and stop caring so easily and without any thought but it’s like because it’s my family and what I think that should mean I just can’t give up.